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Optimized referencing

Develop your practice and benefit from increased visibility

Your online profile creation on our Docselect platform allows you to improve your online visibility.
With this online solution, as a practitioner, you can provide good follow-up for a good patient experience.
You also simplify your patients’ lives by having easy access to different time slots to find you, you attract more patients to book appointments with you and you improve your reputation around your online practice.
With this visibility, you easily grow your practice in real time and expand your online reach.

Modular online agenda

Manage your activity easily with the online calendar

Docselect’s online agenda adapts to your organization: according to your specialty, your availability, help you optimize your time and improve your daily practice.
It is a complete and powerful tool for managing your agenda and your patient base. Enriched with new technologies, you will always have the most complete organization tool possible.
This online agenda offers your patients quick access to visualize your availability at the office and for future consultations.
Docselect gives you the possibility through its online agenda to fully and easily manage your availability from anywhere.

Make an appointment online

Save time with online appointment booking

Thanks to online appointment scheduling, you can optimize your time, plan your appointments to increase your productivity and remain available 24/7 to effectively manage your appointments.
This solution helps you save time and respond to your patients even when the office is closed for a good daily management.
In case of unavailability, you can easily adapt your schedule in case of unexpected events.
To cancel a patient’s appointment, Docselect allows you to send e-mail notifications from the online calendar. The patient can then reschedule his or her appointment in a few clicks.

Communication and loyalty

Build a reliable relationship with your patients

Docselect makes it easy for you to communicate your practice online to build patient loyalty and trust by offering them solutions tailored to their needs.
Setting up an interactive platform between you and your patients can be a strong element in a strong patient relationship.
Diversifying your means of communication with your patients is our goal to build a reliable online relationship with you.
We build patient loyalty with controlled communication and management because nothing is more essential in building loyalty than an informed and satisfied patient thanks to our technological solutions.


Discover more benefits

Prise de rendez-vous en ligne
Reduce the risk of errors

With online appointment scheduling, the risk of errors is reduced because patients choose their own schedules. Docselect will take care of scheduling all your appointments.

Agenda en ligne
Save time

Another advantage is time saving.
You won’t have any stress, patients can book at any time for the time that suits them best.


Offer an innovative service to your patients

Docselect makes it easy for you to make appointments online and allows you to display the available slots of your choice by consultation reason. Your patients simply choose the time that suits them and confirm the appointment in a few clicks.

Économisez du temps et optimisez la prise en charge de vos patients

Solutions for healthcare professionals


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