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Your online directory help you find the specialist closest to you and learn more about him, you can search by region or directly by selecting the desired specialty. Find a health professional in Belgium, A health professional Belgium, Health Directory Belgium

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Who we are ?

Choose Docselect to improve your online practice

Docselect is the solution designed to facilitate the management of diaries and appointment scheduling for practices and for healthcare professionals in general.
It helps you gain in productivity and have access, in a few clicks, to your scheduled appointments online with your patients.
Docselect provides you with a connected agenda to :

  • Offer your patients the best patient experience.
  • Develop your business for better online visibility.
  • Benefit from a comfortable working environment on a daily basis.
  • Have a personalized follow-up with your patients.

Who are we

Find a health professional in Belgium, A health professional Belgium, Health directory Belgium

Our Mission

Expand your business and win new patients

Our mission at Docselect is to simplify the daily life of healthcare professionals so that they too can focus on their mission: caring for patients.
Docselect offers you the best turnkey directory solution to:

  • Simplify the scheduling of appointments with your patients.
  • Increase productivity in your practice.
  • Satisfy and retain new patients online.
  • Communicate and gather your patient network online.

Prenez un rendez-vous en ligne avec un professionnel de santé, Agenda en ligne, Optimisation SEO

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Our core values

Docselect helps you centralize all patient data on a single platform. A solution that avoids wasting time juggling different software programs and saves you precious time for your patients.

The ambition

Develop to better succeed together.

The reliability

Respect its commitments to create trust.


Transparency Share to facilitate communication.

The benevolence

Listening to and supporting each other for a beautiful harmony.

Our reason for being

Want to join us?

Docselect makes it easy for you to connect healthcare professionals and patients:
Locate and contact a professional, obtain information, advice and practical tips, offer turnkey solutions to optimize your search for your specialist.

By subscribing to your personal account, you benefit from Docselect solutions every day to find your specialist or the professional of your choice.

Since its creation, Docselect has evolved with the latest technological trends to make access to information even easier.

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